Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Suzanne Carillo

Suzanne Carillo Simply Creative, Style Files

Hi! I'm Suzanne from Suzanne Carillo Style Files and Simply Creative. 

I'm a newbie-ish style blogger that likes to write about serious life threatening issues, like the infamous and illusive Canadian Tuxedo  or the Bachelor's tongue.  Interspersed between my serious views of pop culture and current events are outfit posts of my, what I've been told in a most polite way, is my "quirky one-of-a-kind" style (I hope that's a good thing) a few DIYs and whatever else I happen to be working on that day. I am just finishing a weekly series on my Top Ten Wardrobe Fundamentals , the most important items to have in your wardrobe.

Suzanne Carillo Simply Creative, Style Files

Although my fashion blogging started just over a year ago I've been a designer/illustrator for many years. My company Bisous - pronounced b-zoo, means little kisses in French, manufactured scrapbooking products and supplies for the craft industry. I continue to design digital products for Memory Mixer scrapbooking and I design art stamps for Art Gone Wild. 

Suzanne Carillo Simply Creative, Style Files

And since all of that isn't quite enough I also sell original cards, digital scrapbooking and one-of-a-kind-wearable art pieces through my Etsy store Simply Creative. Last, but certainly not least, I am available for personal styling services.

Suzanne Carillo Simply Creative, Style Files

Come on over, take a peek, say hi, chill a bit and let's get to know each other. 


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