Saturday, March 26, 2011

Make Your Own Chip Bags Tutorial


Kim and I used these little bags to fill with chips and popcorn for our Guy Party.  Yes, we realize that small individual portions isn’t the most manly of party foods, but we went with it anyway.  Because we’re rebellious and female like that.

Aside from the cute factor, these little bags are quite versatile.  They can be made with any type of paper and filled with any number of yummy treats.  Choose your paper based on your needs.  You can use freezer paper for a sturdier bag and it will also hold wet (? soiled?  what’s the word?) foods.  Cardstock will give you a sturdier bag to fill with birthday party favors.  Recycled newspaper and magazine pages look really cute too. 

Here’s a little tutorial to show you how to make your own.

Chip Bag Tutorial

Cut the paper of your choice to a square.  For this tutorial I used 10in x 10in parchment paper.  Go bigger or smaller based on your needs.


Step1:  Fold your paper up to a triangle.


Step 2: Fold one corner over.


Step 3:  Flip over and fold the other corner over.


Step 4: Fold those top flaps down.  One flap folds one way, flip it, and the other flap folds the other way.  Does the make any sense at all?  Once you do it, you’ll understand.


Step 5:  Tuck those flaps into the folds.  Again, doing is understanding.


Step 6:  Open your paper bag and fill with yummies.



Here is one I made with an outside layer of tissue paper (parchment paper underneath).

Really, you can just go crazy with these, so go now and knock yourself out.