Keeping Louisville Crafty Since 2010

Founded in 2010, D.I.Y. Louisville Craft Cooperative has grown to include over 20 local artists, crafters, and DIY’ers.  Our mission is to share our talents and to encourage, inspire, and support our creative community.  Join us!

***There are no current events planned at this time.****

D.I.Y. Louisville Craft Meet Up FAQs

Who are you guys?
We're a crafty makers group.  We're fun. We're crafty. Sometimes we craft with a purpose, and sometimes we craft just for the sake of making stuff with our own hands. Some people might say we're crazy crafty. Call us what you want, but we call ourselves D.I.Y. Louisville.  We have a no-holds-barred approach to making stuff. No rules. No guidelines. You make stuff you want to make, the way you want to make it.

At our group you’ll find home DIY’ers, sewers, knitters, doll makers, silversmiths, graphic artists, photographers, paper crafters, and a whole lot more.  We’re a jack-of-all-trades group and whatever your craft or art, we certainly welcome you to join us!

What is a craft meet up?
A craft meet up is where a bunch of crafty folk get together and meet.  If you have a portable craft, you can bring it to work on.  If you don’t have a portable craft, no worries.  You just bring yourself and ooh and ahh over what other people are making.  And you talk.  And have fun.

What are some suggestions on portable crafts?
Knitting, crocheting, drawing, calligraphy, embroidery, paper crafting, origami, quilling, hand sewing, bead work – anything you can pack in shoulder bag and tote along.  We also bring an assortment of crafty books to each meeting for your viewing pleasure and for inspirational ideas.

I’m shy, can I bring my mama? 

Absolutely.  Heck, bring your best friend and your neighbor, too.  We love to meet new people.  But you shouldn't be too shy to join us on your own because Hi!  We're nice!

Are children invited?
Please keep in mind this is not a children’s event.  Our group comes from various backgrounds, and most enjoy coming out as an opportunity to step out of the house for a relaxing evening with friends.  We ask you to be respectful of other people’s time. If your child can bring a project to work on by themselves or with help from you only, they are welcome to join us.  Please understand that you are responsible for supervising your child.