Saturday, February 23, 2013

Local Feature: Rhea Lana’s of Southern Indiana

Southern Indiana Spring 2013 Letter Poster

Rhea Lana’s of Southern Indiana ~ Facebook 

One of the biggest challenges for me to keep my home organized is figuring out what to do with all of my daughter’s outgrown stuff.  Clothes, toys, books, bikes, outdoor play items – it never seems to end.  Thankfully, I discovered Rhea Lana’s Children’s Consignment sales and put together a game plan for making some extra cash on the quality items my daughter no longer wanted or needed.  I also discovered that buying gently used items for her could save me a ton of cash.  Making cash and saving cash makes shopping Rhea Lana’s a win-win!

To tackle the outgrown items, I set up up two plastic storage tubs and a plastic garbage bag (or box) in my laundry area.  In one tub, I put outgrown toys and books, etc.  In the other tub, I put all freshly laundered clothes that I think are worth reselling.  In the plastic bag (or box) I put clothes and toys that I wish to donate to Goodwill.  Once the Goodwill bag fills up, I make a trip to drop it off and start on a new bag.  Just having a designated place for the items to go is a HUGE help in keeping the clutter in control.

You can check out the Rhea Lana’s of Southern Indiana  website for more information on joining this event (or look for a Rhea Lana’s in your town), plus you’ll find more tips and tricks for prepping your outgrown items to sell.

For those of you in the Louisville & Southern Indiana area, Rhea Lana’s of Southern Indiana will be giving away a gift card to shop at their March event.  Check the blog on Tuesday to learn how you can enter to win.

Have you ever sold items at a children’s consignment sale?  What did you do to keep your items organized?