Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Make It: Leather Cuff

leather cuff bracelet tutorial

Know what’s fun? When someone compliments you on something you’re wearing and you blurt out, “I made it!!”. Making your own pretty little leather cuff arm candy is a breeze and only takes a few supplies. Are you ready to be complimented?

DIY Leather Cuff Tutorial
leather cuff bracelet tutorial

1) You’ll need: Leather or vinyl, sew in snaps with thread and needle (or a snap kit if your leather is thick), strong glue (tacky glue, super glue, hot glue, or fabric glue), and a pattern piece. 2) Make a pattern from paper by measuring the length around your wrist, and approximately 2-inches wide (or wider if you like). Cut the leather from this pattern. 3) Pattern pieces: One wrist cuff and one 2inx1/3in piece. 4) Find the middle of the wrist strap and pinch it into a fold. You may add a couple small dots of glue between the folds on the underside. 5) Wrap your small piece tightly around the folds. 6) Glue the small piece tightly on the underside.  Snip off any excess. 7) Add your snaps. My leather was soft and thin, so I could easily use sew in snaps. 8) Finish both sides of your snaps.  9)  Wear it out and brag on your awesomeness.

leather cuff bracelet tutorial

Tips:  You can purchase leather and vinyl at fabric stores, but you may have an old leather item laying around that can be repurposed for this project.  My leather came from a torn leather skirt found at the thrift store.

Do you enjoy making your own accessories?  If you’ve made any lately, share a link to your blog in the comments – I’d love to come check it out!

Happy making, DIY’ers!