Monday, February 25, 2013

February Sponsor Spotlight

One of the most awesome parts about running D.I.Y. Louisville is having the opportunity to meet some extraordinary women both in real life and in the blogosphere.  Sharing my blog with amazing crafters and artists each month gives me a chance to sincerely champion the amazing talent behind some truly amazing ladies. 

I’ve been sharing their talents with you all month, but for today I wanted to give them a chance to share something fun and personal about themselves to help you get to know them better.  Since February is the official month of love, I asked each of them to share their favorite date night movie with us.  Here is what they told me:

Mia Bella PhotographyMia Bella Photography ~ Facebook

Love is in the air and one of the many things I love about photography is capturing moments between couples that evoke emotion. Doesn't your heart just swoon when you look at these two? They're not recently engaged, they've been married for years, they have two kids, but they chose to have some pictures taken to celebrate their anniversary. We walked around downtown to their favorite restaurants, capturing not only the moments between them, but also the background that means something special to them.  

One of my favorite date movies has to be Sweet Home Alabama. I could watch it over and over - I'm not sure my date would agree to that though. ;) I just love how she gives up so much to gain so much more.


Evon VonEvon Von ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Pinterest

I'm a mom and a military spouse currently living it up in Texas! My taste in movies is different, so I'd have to say that my favorite date night movie would have to be either Ted or The A Team. I love laughing with my husband and Ted had us in tears, but The A Team is all about action and my husband loves that i don't really care for girlie movies, lol.

Miss Happy Pink
Miss Happy Pink ~ Facebook ~ Etsy

Hi, I'm MissHappyPink! One of my favorite date nights is actually a show instead of a movie, New Girl. I giggle so much I sometimes snort while watching the show, it's so stinking cute! My hubby isn't much for chick flicks but it's one of those shows that even makes him laugh. It's silly, sweet and goofy--kind of like the designs I create. Feel free to take a peek around my shop.

Em Dash DesignsEm Dash Designs ~ Facebook ~ Pinterest

My name is Emily Hagedorn, and I write The Em Dash blog ( and sell handmade goods on Etsy and at local craft fairs and flea markets as Em Dash Designs (

My boyfriend and I have known each other since we were barely teenagers, so our date night movies have run the gamut from "George of the Jungle," aka "Brendan Fraser in a loin cloth," to lately documentaries, such as "Indie Game: The Movie." I'm glad to see our tastes have improved!

Craft E MageeCraft E Magee ~ Facebook ~ Etsy

Hi! I'm Liz from Craft E Magee.  My all-time favorite date night movie is "Love Actually." It's just the right amount of romance, quirkiness, and comedy with the added bonus of beautiful eye candy in Colin Firth and Rodrigo Santoro!

Rainy Day ColorsRainy Day Colors ~ Facebook ~ Etsy

My name is Margaret and I'm a wife and mama to two really cute kiddos. I also run an etsy shop full of colorful handmade papergoods. My favorite date night movie is probably Date Night with Steve Carell and Tina Fey. My husband and I laugh every time we watch it.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting my sponsors this month.  Check back tomorrow for a fabulous sponsor giveaway!

What's your favorite date night movie?  Mine is a toss up between The Princess Bride and Raising Arizona.  What's better on a date than a little humor?