Thursday, September 12, 2013

Football Party Table Setup Video

Yesterday Craft E Magee and I displayed our Football Rivalry Party on WDRB in the Morning

We decorated our football party table with our two local teams, Louisville and Kentucky, but you can use these easy ideas to create a similar table for your hometown games.  These ideas also work great for a Super Bowl Party.  Simply create a  football field using green felt, and masking tape to create the field lines.  Keep your table visually appealing by creating a mirrored effect on each side of the faux 50-yard line.  We did this by using the exact same setup on each side of the table in the alternate team colors.

Check out the video to see more of our tips for creating this fun-spirited party table.  You can also download Craft E Magee’s Louisville and Kentucky team spirit party printables for free on her blog. 

Remember, our craft segment airs on WDRB every two weeks and you can watch each of my morning show segments on my YouTube channel.  (And Craft E Magee’s YouTube channel, too!)

Thanks for watching!


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