Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DIY Shell Necklace

DIY Shell Necklace

So, I get that fall is practically tomorrow, but I’m still playing with my beloved summer seashells over here.  I’ve organized them, decorated with them, and now, I’m wearing them. 

Creating your own DIY shell necklace is easy.  When collecting shells on the beach, don’t immediately toss back the ones with small holes in them.  They are perfect to use for jewelry making without the need for power tools.  Or, if you don’t have any beach trips planned soon, you can buy shells from Wholeport with the holes already predrilled.

DIY Shell Necklace

To make your own DIY shell necklace, you’ll need a variety of shells with holes and a leather cord.  Also consider adding charms for more interest.  If your shells are in need of holes, you’ll have to break out drill to create them.  The predrilled shells, bronze charms, and leather cord I used are all from Wholeport.  If you use your found shells, wash them in a bleach and water solution and allow to dry beforehand.

DIY Shell Necklace

The length of cord you’ll need will depend on your preference, but you’ll need to add at least two extra inches to ensure it’s not too short after you tie on your shells.  Knot a shell with the cording every inch or so until your necklace is the length you desire.  When I had all of my shells added, I simply tied the ends together on mine, but you can add a necklace clasp if you prefer.  That’s it!  Now you’ve created a beautiful piece of jewelry from your beach treasures.

DIY Shell NecklaceDIY Shell Necklace

You can create many different looks by including a larger variety of shells.  Hanging a single charm or shell on leather cording is also very pretty.

Happy creating, DIY’ers!


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