Tuesday, September 24, 2013

DIY Aluminum Metal Stamped Jewelry


I absolutely love the look of stamped jewelry and accessories, and making your own is pretty easy.  You will need a few tools to achieve the desired look, but they can all be purchased at a craft store (or online).  As you know, I love to use as many recycled items as I can in my craft projects, so this tutorial will show you how you can also make blank charms for stamping out of aluminum cans.


The supplies that you will need to make the blank charms are:  Aluminum can, exacto knife or scissors, circular paper punch, small hole punch.

The supplies that you will need for the metal stamping are: set of metal alphabet stamps, hammer, and metal stamping block. 

You may also need jump rings and a chain, if you’re making a necklace.


To create a blank charm from the aluminum can, start by cutting off the top and bottom of the can with your exacto knife or scissors.  After that, you can cut up the middle of the can to create one long sheet of metal.  The aluminum is thin enough for the paper punch to cut through.  Use the circular punch to cut your charm, and use your small hole punch to cut a hole for hanging.


Now you are ready to stamp.


Simply lay your charm on your stamping block.  If you want your letters to be perfectly aligned, use a piece of masking or washi tape to be your guide.  (I didn’t, because perfectionism eludes me.)  Lay your letters on top of the charm, and use your hammer to make the imprint.  Because the aluminum is thinner than other metal charms you can purchase, do not go crazy with the hammering or you will bend the charm.  (Unless you are going for that bent-up banged-up look, in which case, hammer on like a crazy gal.)

Now, attach your jump ring and your chain and wear your recycled stamped necklace proudly.


You can also use a black sharpie to fill in your letters if you want them to be more prominent.  Also, use other shapes of paper punches to play around with more designs.  Using the easy-to-cut aluminum really broadens your options and allows you to create unique designs.

Happy metal stamping, DIY’ers!