Sunday, September 22, 2013

Diamond Candles Review and Giveaway

Diamond Candles Ring Reveal

Have you heard of Diamond Candles?  If you love candles, and if you love rings, then you’ll definitely love Diamond Candles!  Diamond Candles brings both of these elements together, with a ring worth $10-$5000 buried in the wax of each of their candles.  Crazy awesome, right?  It’s kind of like Cracker Jacks, but for ladies.  (Or, I guess men, too – this is a judge-free blog.)

Diamond Candles are made with natural soy.  I will be honest with you:  I’m not a real big fan of powerful and overly scented candles.  However, the scent of the honeysuckle candle that I selected wasn’t overwhelming at all.  It was nice and refreshing, just like the name suggests it might be.  I haven’t tried any other scents, but the fans on their Facebook page rave about them. 

Diamond Candles Ring Reveal

So, how does it work, exactly?  Well, each candle marks the spot where the ring is buried.  Once you burn your candle down to that point, you will see a little foil pouch peeking out at you.  You can be patient and let the candle burn below this, or you can be impatient like my daughter and start demanding that we dig through the wax as soon as you see the treasure poking through.  I used a metal skewer to poke and pull the foil pouch out, but the website suggests tweezers which is a much better idea.  Once you pull the foil pouch out of the wax, you can unwrap it to reveal your ring.

Diamond Candles Ring Reveal

I love my Diamond Candle, and the anticipation of finding a high-value ring in the wax was a lot of fun.  The only downside that I can see is that you can’t select the size of the ring in the candle.  I have skinny fingers, so I wasn’t surprised that my ring was too big.  Bummer.  Although it wasn’t a high-value ring, it’s still very pretty.  You can check out their Pinterest boards to see more ring reveal photos.

Would you like to try your luck at finding a $5ooo ring inside a Diamond Candle of your choice?  One lucky D.I.Y. Louisville reader will have the chance to do just that!  Simply enter to win using the rafflecopter below.  Good luck!

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*A sample product was provided by Diamond Candles.  All opinions 100% mine.