Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pie in July at Whole Foods

Pie and summer picnics just kind of go hand-in-hand, right?  Right.  I love a warm picnic with scrumptious dessert, but here’s a  confession:  pie baking isn’t really my thing.

Turns out, I would rather enjoy the delicious  fruits of someone else’s pie-making labor.  You, too?  Cool, let’s be friends.

Lucky for us, Whole Foods is celebrating Pie in July with an amazing assortment of fruit pies, cream pies, and key lime pies for only $9.99 until July 14th.  Awesome!

Whole Foods Pie in July

In a dessert line-up, I will always choose chocolate.  So when Whole Foods offered to let me sample a pie from their bakery, I chose this decadent chocolate cream pie and invited Craft E Magee over for a picnic. 

Whole Foods Pie in JulyWhole Foods Pie in JulyWhole Foods Pie in July Whole Foods Pie in JulyWhole Foods Pie in July Whole Foods Pie in July

It was hard to make a selection, but the chocolate cream pie did not disappoint.  So yummy.

Plan a picnic for this weekend and stop by your local Whole Foods and check out their selection of $9.99 Pie in July pies.  Let someone else do the baking for a change. 

Happy pie eating!


*A sample product was gifted by Whole Foods.  All opinions are mine.


  1. Mmmmm. The pie was so good! Thanks for having me over for a slice. It's nice to let someone else do the baking!

  2. I love pie and Whole foods. Just wish I had one closer than over an hour away.

  3. I've never actually tried a bakery product from WHole Foods - rather make my own and know exactly is in it. However, this price is very tempting and I am in the mood for a berry pie even though most berries are not yet in season...

  4. Of any dessert, I like pie most! The Whole Foods pie looks extravagant and yummy. If I gave that to my hubby, he'd be putty in my hands!

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  6. Yum! That pie looks so good!



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