Monday, July 15, 2013

Local Louisville: Bryant’s Blueberries

Bryant's Blueberries Bryant's BlueberriesBryant's Blueberries Bryant's BlueberriesBryant's Blueberries Bryant's Blueberries

When my lovely friend Patty asked if I wanted to go blueberry picking with her this weekend, I excitedly jumped at the opportunity.  You-pick-it farms have always seemed charming but somewhat intimidating to this city girl, so this was an adventure for me.  Luckily,  Bryant’s Blueberries in Southern Indiana is having a bumper crop this season, which means we walked through rows and rows of blueberry bushes full of sweet berries – and there was absolutely nothing intimating about popping those little babies off and dropping them into your mouth basket. 

Now my dear friends I must ask you: What in the heck am I going to do with seven pounds of blueberries?  So far we’ve been eating them fresh by the fistfuls, but I need your favorite recipes, please!  I’m fearful of turning into Violet Beauregarde over here.