Sunday, February 3, 2013

Make It: Popcorn Valentine

I am so excited to have Kim on the blog today to show us these adorable Popcorn Valentine treats she made for her kids’ classes this year.  Read how she put these together, plus she’s sharing her free printables full of “corny” sayings.  (C’mon, you saw that coming.  Am I the only one who loves wacky Valentine puns??)

Popcorn Valentine

This year my goal in creating school valentines, was simply to not use candy or sweets. My kids get so much candy from their school parties every year. I thought about what I could do in the way of a treat and finally settled on popcorn, since it’s my kid’s favorite treat. I shopped around and found these mini bags of microwave popcorn at Aldi’s, they come 10 in a pack for 1.99. I then grabbed some scrapbook paper from the dollar spot at Target and threw in some of my own ribbon. Oh, the best part, I designed these free printable tags to be used with the popcorn valentines. There is a more traditional Valentine’s Day colored set with sayings that all involve “pop”, and a more “boy” set that has non-traditional colors. I printed the tags on cardstock.

Popcorn Valentine

The first step is to gather your supplies. You’ll need popcorn, scrapbook paper, cutting tool, glue stick or double sided tape, embellishments and your free printable found here and here.

Popcorn ValentinePopcorn Valentine

Measure your scrapbook paper to cover the white part of the popcorn bag. You can get about two bags from each piece of 12x12 paper. Trim off about 5 inches from one end of the paper strip.  Wrap the paper tightly around the popcorn and glue the ends or secure with tape.

Next,  add any embellishments you like. On the pink one I added some zebra ribbon and the green one got a strip of orange paper and some polka dot ribbon. Trim your printable tags down to size and glue or secure with tape to the front. I’ll have my kids add their names to the bottom of the tags before they give them to their classmates. I think these would also make great gifts for friends or coworkers too!

You can download the free printable files here and here.


Thanks to Kim for sharing this cute idea!  I love the idea of giving something other than candy to classmates.

Happy Valentine making, DIY’ers!



  1. This is a cute idea! The bank I used to work at did this and it always went over great!

    1. My daughter loves popcorn, she would be stoked to receive this!

  2. Oh those are so cool. I think my son would enjoy handing those out! Thanks for a fresh idea!

    Just found you through the GFC Collective party and am now happily following along! Please come visit if you have the time and link up this post at my "Much Ado Monday" party. I'd love to have you!

  3. those are so cute!! I love them!

  4. What a great idea! I will def do that for next week. I hope you can subscribe to our blog <3

  5. cute idea! I did this for back to school night this year with "thanks for popping by" and it was a hit...what a good non-chocolate idea for Valentine's day...and who doesn't love popcorn?

  6. This is such a cute idea! Fortunately, I only have to give one Valentine now, but I could see doing this for so many different celebrations.

  7. Love this! Such a cute idea Julee!


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