Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Make It: Felt Valentine Card Holder

Felt Valentine Card Holder Tutorial

This Valentine tote is perfect for carrying little love notes and sweet treats on Valentine’s Day.  You can make one too with just a few simple supplies.


Felt Valentine Card Holder Tutorial

Felt Valentine Card Holder Tutorial

1) You’ll need one sheet of 8.5x11 felt, plus an optional small piece of felt for embellishment.  Ribbon (~40-inches), scissors, ruler, and hole puncher.  Cut two identical heart shapes from your felt plus two strips for the handles.  From one sheet of felt I was able to cut 2 hearts approximately 5.5 inches across, and 2 strips sized 1.5x11.  2)  Mark the center point of your heart, and then mark 1-inch up both sides, stopping near the top.  3) So that your holes will line up evenly, flip your hearts so that right sides are facing, and use a hole punch to cut circles at each 1-inch mark.  Do the same for the strips, making sure the number of holes are even.  4)  This is what your pieces should look like cut with holes, ready to assemble.

Felt Valentine Card Holder Tutorial

5)  Starting at the bottom center, line your side strip up with your heart.  Use your ribbon to stitch the pieces together with a whip stitch (a basic over-and-over stitch).    Leave a tail of ribbon so you can tie off when you’re finished.  6)  When you reach the top, cross the ribbon over and whip stitch back down the other side.  Using the same piece of ribbon, attach the second side strip the same way.  You will start at the same bottom center hole as the first strip.  7)  Once both sides are completed, tie off your end at the bottom with either a bow or knot.  8)  Stitch or use a fabric glue to attach your handle at the top.  Add your embellishment.

Felt Valentine Card Holder Tutorial

I have a tendency to overstate and complicate when writing directions, so if anything doesn’t seem clear, leave a comment or drop me an email.  Also, ignore the fact that my heart looks like it was cut out by a second grader.  Imperfections add interest, right?

Happy Valentine crafting, DIY’ers!



  1. That is adorable! My daughter would so love that. I certainly hope imperfections add interest, because the heart banner that the kids and I made has lots of imperfections! ;) I am going to post about it tomorrow. We had a good time with it.

    1. Julee, when you get a moment, send me your address so I can get the cookbook to you. womaninreallife@hotmail.com

      Thanks! Jo

  2. That is really cute! -Carolyn

  3. Very cute! My close friend with kids was asking me what kinds of crafts could she do with her daughters and then I happen to find your blog and post today! It must be fate!!

    New follower from the Friday Chaos hop :)

    Sara@Let's Talk About Me

  4. Your ideas are sooo nice - lovely lovely blog! :)


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