Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wearing Vintage with Mia Bella Photography

Mia Bell Photography
This is the third outfit in our series with Mia Bella Photography.  For my first outfit, I chose an everyday true-to-me style.  For my second outfit, I picked out a classy look without an expensive price tag.  For my third outfit, I chose a classic vintage look.
I love vintage pieces, but wearing many of the vintage styles isn’t very practical for my lifestyle.  So, when I come across vintage clothing on my treasure hunts, I feel it’s good karma to leave those pieces on the rack for the next vintage lover to come along and sell on etsy claim.
However, this 1950’s style vintage dress that fit me like a glove for $5 could not be put back on the rack.  Nope, no way.  I’m thinking I scored the deal of the century.
Mia Bell PhotographyMia Bell PhotographyJulee Outfit C 1Mia Bell Photography
Dress:  Vintage, thrifted
Belt:  Thrifted
Purse:  Vintage, thrifted
Shoes:  Target
Necklace:  Vintage, gift from my mom
Earrings:  Handmade by Kim

I highly encourage you to take a peek at Mia Bella Photography and the Mia Bella Facebook page, and hit the LIKE button while you’re there.  She updates her page daily with amazing photos from her photoshoots, and if you’re a Louisville local, she also updates session openings and special pricing opportunities.  For a limited time, she is giving a free 10x13 image when you book a session and mention DIY.  Mia Bella specializes in senior, family, and newborn portraits.  I’m thinking she should also go into the fashion blogger market.

How do you feel about wearing vintage clothes?  Do you ever find any amazing vintage buys?



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  1. That dress looks like it was made for you. What a find! The wedges give it just the right amount of a modern feel. Beautiful!

  2. Again my model was absolutely STUNNING and SUPER easy to photograph! Thanks for making my job FUN and EASY Julee!!! You look simply MAH-velous!!!

  3. The photos are fab and you look amazing.


  4. love the classic black dress- looks great on you too!

  5. what a wonderful dress, julee! it gives you a kind of gr*ce k*lly look, so elegant and feminine! i understand that it is not compatible to your daily live with the children, but you should wear it as often as you can. you look amazing!

  6. I love the shape of this dress--really so flattering and timeless! I have a similar shaped one in a black and white check that I overdyed yellow!

  7. Great vintage dress - the purse is ADORBS too!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  8. Stopping by from Whatever, Whenever Wednesday...

    This is such a classy look! Great dress!

  9. These are lovely photos! You look so ladylike and that dress is incredibly flattering! Just discovered your blog via the Pleated Poppy, and am your newest follower :)

    Secondhand Magpie

  10. wow..are you kidding...$5!!! oh my gosh...a major look fabulous! good for you!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    I am going shopping tomorrow!

  11. Great dress!! It is so flattering on you and I'm amazed that it was $5. :)

  12. You deserve a prize for best vintage find! And $5? Wow. It looks great on you!

  13. I love that dress! So gorgeous!!! I'm your newest follower :)


  14. Wow, that's a lovely, classic vintage dress that stepped right out of a new magazine - you look wonderful. Thanks for sharing your pics with Visible Monday.

  15. Gorgeous photos!
    The dress is absolutely classic! It looks beautiful on you! I agree! What a find!

  16. Lvoe this dress! It's such a classic!


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