Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday, Loving the Simple Moments

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It’s Friday, the day we share the simple moments that make up our week.

~My summer job came to a close last Friday, so this week has felt like a vacation for me.  Less than three weeks before school starts.  Yikes.  I’m in denial.

~That blob of weirdness is actually a treat my daughter and I made tonight for her upcoming birthday party.  Hopefully they’ll look like what they’re meant to look like when they’re on the party table. 

~My daughter turned 9 this week.  We’re celebrating this weekend, but for her actual birthday we went to the movie night at the amphitheater.  I was super duper excited until I realized when the movie started I had the dates mixed up and what we were seeing was Raiders of the Lost Ark and not The Princess Bride.  Serious letdown, man.

~Oh Claires, how you make me want to be 12 again.  Anyone else feel this way when they shop at Claires?

How was your week?  Full of simple celebrated moments?  I hope so.  Have a very happy weekend, all!


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  1. What is that treat you're daughter made? It looks like peanut butter but i know I'm wrong, lol.

    I try to avoid places like claires like the plague! I just get annoyed with teenaged girls do i won't go anyplace like that. I have a boy (thank goodness) so i get to avoid that stuff all together!

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter.
    I hope it would be a blast.
    Follow each other.

  3. Ha! That WOULD be a let down! I hope A had a wonderful birthday anyway!

  4. raiders of the lost arc is still pretty good, but it's definitely no princess bride!


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