Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monday Magazine Challenge: Kids Sunglass Case

Kids Sunglass Case

This project was in my daughter’s American Girl magazine this month, and was perfectly timed since we are looking for some easy kids crafts to work on during the summer break.  This project was nice and speedy; depending on your child’s ease of sewing, it can be completed in less than 20-minutes.

You’ll need:  Felt, embroidery thread, embroidery needle, embellishment (optional), scissors

~Fold over the felt and cut around your sunglasses leaving approximately 1/2-inch on all sides.  Cut one bottom corner in a rounded shape.

~If using an embellishment, now is the time to stitch or glue it on.  My flower was a precut piece I found in my mountainous crafty stash, but kids can also cut their own shapes from felt.

~Starting at the bottom corner, sew a running stitch along the entire edge.  (You can get fancy and do whatever kind of stich you please, but a running stitch is really easy for small hands.)  Knot off your stitch once you’ve reached the top.  You’re done!

Just for the record, American Girl magazine is a great magazine for young girls ages 7-10 (and maybe even older).  It is full of positive, age appropriate material plus lots of crafts, recipes, games and more.  It doesn’t have any advertising, yay!  My daughter really loves it, and so do I. 

What kinds of crafts are you working on this summer?



  1. That turned out great! Love the idea.

  2. Very cute! I wonder if this craft would help my kids to not lose their sunglasses since they have somehting to put them in? That would be handy!

    1. I can't promise that. Knowing my daughter, her sunglasses will still get lost and I'll find this case filled rocks instead. ;)

  3. Those are too cute! I think i will make a case for my own sunglasses! Maybe this way I wont lose them so much lol!

    1. I was thinking of making an adult version of this, too!


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