Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Julep Box Review

After seeing all of Julee's cool Birchbox reviews, I decided to jump on the subscription box bandwagon myself this month.  I looked at a lot of different options and finally found one that seemed right for me.  I chose the Julep box, which is a nail polish subscription service.  Every month for 19.95 you get a box valued at $40 with an assortment of Julep polishes and other products.  The cool thing about this service is that you get to preview your box each month before it ships and you have the option to switch to a different style or skip the month all together.  When you first sign up you are given a style quiz to help the company match you with the style of box you will receive.  My quiz results were "It Girl"  The colors in my selection were right on for me as far as colors I am drawn to in nail polish.  I generally like bold nail polishes and these certainly fit the bill.  I received Lily- a bright fuchsia, Daisy- a sunny yellow and Sasha- a fun coral.  There were also two toe separator things in the box.

As far as the nail polish goes, it went on really smoothly and evenly.  I applied two coats and was super surprised that I didn't need more on the yellow.  It's the first yellow I've ever had that didn't go on streaky and need 5 coats.  As far as wear-ability goes I haven't worn it long enough to know yet, but if the application is any indication it will be a great wearing nail polish.

If you think the Julep box seems like fun  I have good news for you follow this link to order your first month and use the code PENNY at checkout and it will only cost you $.01!!  Awesome, right!!  Feel free to thank me repeatedly.



Top to bottom, left to right: The packaging, tied up with ribbon and toe thingies, Card telling you about your selections, the polishes, on the nails.

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  1. Hey Kim, do you have a secret to getting your nails so long or are you just blessed?


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