Friday, July 6, 2012


damn hot david gray is so cute!  overboard saying froyo like a douch 

I know you know, but I gotta say it:  It’s been hot.  Dang hot.  Record breaking, heat wave, this is some serious shiz so drink yo water hot. I Some of us have been complaining about it a lot some.

~The hottest day of the year was just the day that I treated my bestie to a little outdoor concert.  She may have revoked the Forever from our bestie contract.   It was  a hundred-and-twelve degrees at 6:30pm, people.

~That’s me, 3rd row, cheezing big time at David Gray.  Worth every whine, whimper, and drop of sweat that rolled down my back (and maybe some other unmentionable places, if I’m keeping it real).  In case you can’t tell from the picture, dude came out in a full-on suit.  I think his people lost the memo that his performance was at an amphitheater and it was 112-degrees outside

~So my summer job – it has cool perks.  Like cruising on the Belle of Louisville.  How awesome is the the movie Overboard?  Anyone?

~Orange Leaf, how I do devour thee. I do not, however, devour those icky tapioca balls of goo, no I do not.  I also refuse to say froyo.  REFUSE.

These are my simple moments from the week, and I’m linking them up with Life Rearranged.  What has been your favorite simple moment this week?



  1. outdoor concert? But David Gray is pretty awesome. This heat is RIDICULOUS, isn't it? It is supposed to be a chilly 87 here in Indiana Sunday. Score! ;)

    1. That's practically boot weather! ;)

  2. I love David Gray. Brian proposed to me to a David Gray song.....This Year's Lovin....112???? Oh, I feel for you! Try to stay cool and hydrated!

    1. That's one of my most favorite songs ever!

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