Thursday, July 5, 2012

D.I.Y. Headboard

I’m going to tell you something kind of embarrassing.  My husband and I will be married for 10 years next month and in these last 10 years we have never had a headboard.  Yep, we’ve been living like poor college students, at least as far as bedroom furniture goes.  Well, recently opportunity came a knocking in the form of a giant, old shipping crate set out for trash day.  We grabbed it up (I’m not embarrassed for my neighbors to see my digging through their trash) and repurposed it.  The crate part became a new side table in our living room (more on that later) and the lid to the crate became our new perfect headboard.  All we did was attach the lid to the wall above our bed using screws and making sure to drill into the studs.  After it was attached we screwed some bull nose clips, added our favorite pictures and called it a day!  Check out the pictures.  I’m in love with the way our new headboard looks and am glad it took us 10 years if this was the final product.

* A little tip for the bullnose clips is if you can only find the magnetic kind, get them anyways.  the magnets pop out very easily with a blunt knife.


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  1. Hell yes! I've Bern wanting to try a diy headboard but didn't. Its so cute, I love it!

  2. I agree with Evon! This turned out GREAT!

  3. Great Blog girls!!!!! Nice to be here!!!!

    Hope to see you soon in my little world,


  4. I adore this! I have a fascination with wrought iron headboards but I love this just as much - especially since it's so customisable. Beautiful work.


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