Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What We Wore: I Wish I Was In Spain

Does anyone else have certain themes for their outfits? I always “feel” a certain way based on my clothes for the day and they are often quite ridiculous. This morning as soon as I put on this newly thrifted dress I thought, “I feel like I’m on vacation in Spain in the sixties”. After that thought of course every accessory must match that theme. Yes, I have earrings with all of those colors but they didn’t feel very Spanish, so I switched them for ones that did. Yes, my shoes are from Sweden, but they felt right and the side bun was a must. I debated on whether to belt or not to belt on this one, but my husband voted for and I let him win.

Outfit details:
Dress- thrifted (for 2 dollars! Woot!)
Belt- it’s either from another dress or thrifted
Shoes- Lotta from Stockholm
Earrings- Kohls : Use code BLOGGER10 to save 10% off your purchases at Kohl’s through June 23rd (you can stack this coupon!)

Oh, and apparently it’s not very sunny in Spain judging by the my crazy pale legs. Also sorry about the tiny photos.  I usually blog from LiveWriter but it's fighting me right now, so I had to go straight from Blogger.  Hopefully when my husband gets home he can fix the problem and I'll get bigger pics up.


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  1. Olé!!!!
    You look sooo cute! I can't believe you paid 2 bucks for that gorgeous dress!!!! Muy Bonita Señorita! ;)

  2. Thanks Yussy! It was a great find at one of my favorite thrift stores. I saw it hanging on the end of the rack as soon as I walked in and snatched it up.

  3. Love the dress, its adorable. I used to be the same way about clothes once upon a time, but those days are long gone:) I still get up in the morning and want to wear a specific color, even if its just a T shirt. Color matters! -Jen

  4. What a pretty dress! It does remind me of Spain (even though I've never been there - but my husband served his mission there, so that counts, right?) You look so pretty!

  5. you look great, i love that dress! i love louisville too, glad to haave found your blog! new follower.

  6. fun dress. i think i'd wear that every day if i owned it.


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