Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lord Of The Rings Birthday Party

My kids are pretty notorious for having off the wall birthday party ideas, you know the kind that you could never possibly find at a party store?  This year they had really gotten into the “Lord of The Rings” movies and my oldest has been reading “The Hobbit”.  When they suggested this as a them for their shared birthday party, I will admit I kind of cringed, but after a few days of brainstorming I knew we could make it work. 

I thrifted a lot of items used for this party and bought a lot more from the good old Dollar store.  Unfortunately I only have photos of the dessert table, since by the time I remembered to take photos most of the food table had been devoured.  I will tell you that I made all finger food for the party since it was small and called it “ Hobbit Food”.  We had the following; mini sandwiches(sunbutter, turkey and cheese and just cheese), veggie rollups, mini mac and cheese cups, taco cups, broccoli and cheese pastry puff rollups, pizza dough bites with pizza sauce to dip into, mixed berries, a veggie tray with dip, lots of chips, and a bread bowl with spinach artichoke dip.  Check out the pictures below for the dessert table deets.


My oldest in her “Sam” costume.  I thrifted the vest, made the cloak and pin and the shirt and pants were already owned.  The sword was one purchased at Oriental Trading and was a favor that we passed out to all the kids at the party.


The tapestry  I hung behind the dessert table was thrifted and reminded me so much of the scenery in the movie. 


One of the cakes I made was an “Eye of Sauron” cake.  I covered a 6 inch, three layer cake in marshmallow fondant and painted it with water downed gel food colors.  The plates and napkins were purchased at the dollar store, the design looked so Elfish to me and really looked great with the theme.  The wood basket I borrowed from my folks and it is filled with little goodie bags that have a picture of Gollum on them and say “Gollum’s Goodies”.  Inside they were filled with gummy worms and Swedish fish.  The suckers were bought online from Oriental Trading and are in a jar with moss from the dollar store.


This is the other cake.  I used a book cake pan that I got on clearance for 5 dollars.  It was covered in marshmallow fondant and then I used an edible marker to draw the map from the inside of the real book on one side and wrote the text from the book on the other side.  I piped some ivy on top and some elfish writing on the sides. I used my wooden cutting board as the cake board.  The action figures were, believe it or not, purchased at the thrift store also.  I about squealed when I saw them, I couldn’t believe I had made such a lucky find. 


A few of the other goodies consisted of gummy berries in a berry basket that I thrifted, pretzel sticks in a jar with moss, meringue cookies in a thrifted berry basket and candy in a wooden bowl that was thrifted.  The moss covered stones and ivy came from the dollar store.  The utensil holder is a tin can covered with sheet moss bought from the dollar store.


For one of the activities at the party we had the kids decorate their own shields.  I ordered the paper shields from Oriental Trading and then supplied the kids with markers, glue and some decorations.

For the dining room table center piece I used a slab of wood and stacked some Tolkien books on top.  I sat a little castle that was my husbands on top and used more dollar store ivy around it.  The table runners on both tables were just contact paper that was woodgrain.


This is a pretty bad picture, but the only one were you can see some of the other decorations I used.  I bought posterboard and then did a search for images of the flags from the movie.  I then used acrylics and made copies of the flags and hung them on the walls. I strung more dollar store ivy around the door ways.


Each kid got to blow out the candles on their own cake.


One more view of the desserts.

This is the invite that I sent out, I made it in Photoshop.  The blurred out black bits are just my personal info, so ignore those.

n the opposite side of the invite I printed a map of Middle Earth. 

Well, that’s pretty much it.  There was lots of running about and sword play and tons of food and sweets eaten and two tired kids at the end of the day.  All in all a pretty perfect birthday celebration.

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  1. That top picture of the birthday girl is just about as awesome as it gets! Well done, Kim!

  2. OH MY GOSH! You totally rock! I have to show this to Joe. We looked at your cakes on facebook and he was excited, but THIS is amazing!

  3. AWESOME timing! My kiddo just finished reading "The Hobbit" and as a reward of his amazing efforts {he is 7 and read it in under 2 weeks}... we are holding a "Hobbit All-Day Party". We will be having a LOTR Movie Marathon {and this will be my first time really watching these movies}... but, we will also be enjoying food... food... and more food.. with dancing and laughing!

    This gave me a lot of ideas to easily decorate for this very impromptu party we are having.

    How much fun!


  4. Oh my dear LOTR... :)
    My eyes jumped when I saw this!

  5. Your kids are SO lucky!!! I swear, I would be pleased as punch to have all of this for my 20th birthday X)

  6. Thank you so much for all the great ideas........it's so hard to find this theme anywhere!


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