Friday, June 8, 2012

Insta-Friday: Eatin’ Local in Myrtle Beach

Every summer my little family packs into our car and heads south to Myrtle Beach where we settle in to the cutest little beach home on the ocean, spend lots of catch-up time with my mom, and count our blessings. 

And when we go on vacation, we vegetarians are the same as you:  We set out in search of some good local grub and probably (definitely?) consume too many calories via the “Ah, shucks, this is vacation, eat all the crap you want!” motto.  But finding vegetarian fare isn’t an easy task in this typically southern meat-and-potatoes and seafood faring town, yet we never give up hope.  Here are a few of my favorite eats this week:

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~My absolute favorite discovery this year was Crepe Creation Café.  Our group purchased a mix of savory and dessert crepes so we could try a few varieties and we loved them all.  My favorite was a toss-up between the spinach/feta/kalamata olives and the nutella/peanut butter.  Say what?  Yum!

~Also a pleasant discovery was a new cupcake shop that opened on our block.  No way could I let the week go by without a sampling of those bad boys.  Key lime cupcakes, okay?

~Always a no-fail favorite of ours is River City Café where I scarfed down this veggie burger with pesto/cheese/marinated cucumbers.  Yeah I did.  And a bloomin’ onion, too.  Because this is vacation.

~Should I talk about Italian Ice?  And how much I love it?  And how I could gorge myself on it everyday?  And how maybe I did?  And how I maybe also chased the bikini-clad Italian Ice cart pusher girl down the beach one day because she didn’t see me waving and running her way with delirium in my eyes?  No?  Ok.

These are my simple moments from the week, and I’m sharing them with Life Rearranged.


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