Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May Birchbox Review

may 2012 birchbox

Apparently, the fine folks at Birchbox have pegged me as a geriatric.  I know this because three of my five beauty products this month are for the mature crowd.  And by mature, I mean old lady.

Let me just clear the air right now.  I totally signed up for Birchbox because I wanted to be cool try fun and cool beauty products.  Trends, if you will.  Neon polish?  Yes, please.  A bright new color of eyeshadow with glitter to replace the same boring pink Clinique I’ve been wearing for years?  Bring it, I’m ready.

But instead of exciting and hip, my May Birchbox shouted, “Slather on this neck firming cream and pipe it down, old lady!  Leave those funky fresh trends to the young cool cats you’re old enough to litter.”

I hear ya, Birchbox. I hear ya loud and clear.

may 2012 birchbox

There was a lot of hype over the Gossip Girl theme this month.  Gossip Girl.  Doesn’t that just make you know you’re going to get a box full of fun?

may 2012 birchbox

Other boxes had full size Stila cosmetics.  I got…mature hair care products and neck firming cream. Waa-waa.

may 2012 birchbox

Algenist firming and lifting cream, Kerastase shampoo and masque for mature hair, Miss Dior Parfum, Dior mascara, and a notecard/envelope set.

For mature hair.  Just typing that makes me want to shake my cane at a gang of whippersnappers.

I’m actually glad for the mascara, and I always appreciate stationary pieces (clearly preferring handwriting to texting, old lady style).  The Kerastase and Algenist are good quality products, and the sample sizes are really nice.   To be fair, I think this was a nice box worthy of my subscription cost, but the items are lackluster and not at all what I was hoping for.  Maybe they thought my poor old heart couldn’t take too much excitement this month.

Do you subscribe to Birchbox or a similar service?  How did you like your box this month?



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  1. My Birchbox had different things in it. There is an "anti-wrinkle defense cream". Who know if it defends against wrinkles or defends against no wrinkles. LOL. I also have lotion with SPF 20, tinted lip treatment w/ SPF 15, & a perfume sample. I really like the tinted lip treatment! It makes my lips feel silky smooth. Did you get the email about Burchbox for men? Their subscription is $20/month...ouch!

    1. See? Totally jealous of your tinted lip treatment. Did you lie about your age on your bio?? ;)

  2. Hi Julee! I don't subscribe to any of those services. I think it would be fun, but I would probably be disappointed too, like you are this month. Especially since I am older than you. Can you imagine what I would get? Support stockings or something! :) Joann


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