Friday, May 18, 2012

Insta-Friday–Eating Local

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Considering that I spend copious amounts of time obsessing over food – the how, when, why, and where’s of what we consume – it’s not surprising that at least 50% of the pictures on my phone are pictures of what I eat.  Here are some of the local Louisville places I’ve been recently:

~The girl and I loving the tofu at Annie Café.

~The hubs and I stopped in at The Root Cellar for some local produce and goods this week.  The zucchini, cucumber, and tomato made their way into our dinner, and those super sweet and delicious strawberries were our dessert.  Raw honey and drinkable raspberry yogurt were saved for later.

~Kim and I met for lunch  for the first time in a long time.  Kim picked Please and Thank You for us to try and we were pleasantly delighted with our light lunch.  That’s an egg, pesto, and fontina panini with a  hot mystery sauce.  Super yum.

~Coffee isn’t technically an eat, but I can’t do a local roundup without adding a picture of my favorite Sunergos coffee.  This is either the white mocha or caramel latte – when I drink coffee, I want it to taste like a dessert.  Who's with me?

It feels great supporting local businesses.  Do you have a favorite local spot in Louisville or your own hometown?

I'm linking up these simple moments with many other bloggers over at Life Rearranged.

Have a great weekend!


PS - If you're in Louisville looking for a great way to support local artists and businesses this weekend, check out the Buy Local First Fair on Sunday, May 20. Our friend Craft E Magee will be there with her adorable handmade dolls and other beautiful handmade items.


  1. I love the food pics and that coffee looks delish!

  2. Ive not gone to The Root Cellar before, I dont really venture to Old Louisville much. But this would definitely give me a good reason to go there! That panini looks really good by the way!

    1. The owner is really great there. For those of us out this way, we've had few choices to buy local produce before the farmer's market season w/o venturing east, so it's been awesome to have a year-round spot nearby.


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