Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What We Wore

what we wore

One of my favorite What We Wore participants recently asked if it was ok to keep wearing her favorite boots now that we’ve got spring weather.  My comment to her was something like, “Go on with your bad self and wear what you want, when you want.”   I too refuse to put my boots away just yet, and broke out this spring dress/awesome boots combo this week.

what we wore
what we wore

I love this dress and I can’t believe I didn’t break it out not once all winter.  I can tell you exactly when/where/who I was with when I purchased this dress 12 years (!!!) ago, but I can’t seem to remember not one hip flexor muscle I studied for a biomechanics exam just last night.  Why does my brain taunt me like that?
Also, it’s been ages since I’ve worn gold jewelry.
what we worewhat we wore
Dress: Oooooold.  Gap.
Cardi:  Target
Belt:  Thrifted
Boots:  Thrifted
Necklace:  Vintage, my grandmothers
Earrings:  Long ago gift

What do you think about boots with spring dresses?  Good to go, or no?
We’re linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. 


  1. wow! There's some mighty lovin' boot gazing going on here. Your summer sandals should be jealous. ~ Angie

    1. They're eatin' their heart out right now...

  2. i love wearing my cowboy boots with certain spring/summer dresses, i think it looks so cute!

  3. love the floral with the mix of boots! I wore cowgirl boots this week too! love it!

  4. OMG Julee - you look super cute in your boots with that spring dress. Definitely keep your boots out a bit longer :-)

  5. I love boots with dresses! And I think spring and fall are definitely the seasons to keep rocking that look. So, so pretty. You styled this gorgeously!


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