Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Arcade Expo 2012

On Saturday we packed up the kids and headed to Arcade Expo. Arcade Expo is an event hosted in Louisville every year that celebrates vintage video games.  They have a huge selection of pinball, arcade and console games.  There are also various tournaments and contests throughout the day and a room of vendors selling old games and collectibles.  Entrance is a flat admission fee (kids were free) and then you can play all the games you want for no additional cost.

Our kids played video games for about 3 hours straight and we played along as some of the arcade games were 2 player and up to 4 player on the consoles.  It was really awesome and brought back some memories to see them playing the games I remember loving at their age.  Some of the highlights of the night for them were Duck Hunt for NES, Streets of Rage, Street Fighter (arcade) and Crystal Castles (arcade).  There was also a costume contest for kids and adults the night that we went (Saturday) and we dressed H in his Ghostbuster costume.  My husband programmed in the music for the original Ghostbusters game for NES, so needless to say it was a huge hit and he won 1st place. Arcade Expo was a really cool event and we met lots of super nice people and talked with them about H’s costume.  We will definitely be planning a trip back for next year, only I will be planning on more comfy shoes, wooden clogs all day on your feet is a bad idea!

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  1. i've lived in Louisville most of my life, how have i never heard of this before!? dirty i missed it, my husband and i allays talk about old school videogames


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