Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What I Thrifted

I’ve been trying to make a regular weekly pop in at the thrift store.  I like to go on sale days, because I am the cheapest person ever.  I seriously get a little bit of a high from getting three bags of clothes for 20 bucks or less.  Lately the thrift Gods have been shining on me.  I’m not sure if it’s just luck or if I finally have perfected my game, but lately every trip has turned up a few bags worth of gems.  This weekend was no exception.  My husband and I hit up an estate sale and a couple of thrift stores.  I had my best luck at the sale and my favorite thrift store, which I won’t mention by name due to being scared Julee will hurt me :) Anyway, I found the wool skirt and the hound's-tooth skirt at the estate sale.  I spotted the hound's-tooth one first and bee lined it over there.  Both skirts were a mere dollar!  The dress, super soft, fuzzy cardi, pleated skirt and perfect slouchy hats were from the thrift.  I have been searching for slouchy hats that will fit over my mass of hair with out popping right off.  These two are perfect!  Also, I had to throw in the cute kitcshy owl wall hangings that I picked up last week.  They are hanging in my bedroom and I think they are the cutest!
Did you score any awesome finds this weekend?

We're showing off our thrifty finds and linking up this week with Apron Thrift Girl.


  1. I have those exact same owls in my living room! You seem like such a kindred spirit--not sure how our paths haven't crossed :) I am Louisville too and would LOVE to know where you vintage shop--I have my faves but am always looking for more places to haunt!

  2. Hey Mindy, you should come out and join us at one of our meet ups! We're always interested in meeting a kindred spirit. Maybe Julee and I will even let you in on some of our thrifting secrets!


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