Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

learning to sew finished productslazy dog vintage sled 

Kim has been doing an awesome job keeping our pages here filled with crafty goodness, while I took a couple of weeks off to focus on wrapping up another semester.  I am now finished until January and can allow myself to take a deep breath and tackle some of my own holiday projects. 

My little one desperately wants to be on my lap learning to sew each time I pull out the machine, so when I came across this pre-printed cut/sew/stuff holiday fabric at the thrift, I knew it would be the perfect easy project for her to tackle.  Does anyone know if you can still buy this type of fabric?  I don’t even know what to call it, really, but I’m interested in purchasing more for her.

I also came across this vintage sled on 1/2-price day at the thrift, and it pretty much kinda made my whole season merry and bright already, I love it so much.  And then, just for good measure since I seem to have a current affinity for posting pictures of my much-loved-super-scruffy-iciousness pup, here’s one of her on a cold lazy Saturday morning all snuggled in under the covers.

How was your weekend?  If you blog your weekend in pictures, share a link with us in the comments.  I would love to come check it out!


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