Friday, December 9, 2011

Felt Bird Ornament Tutorial

This time of year I love small projects that I can work on curled up on the couch watching movies and drinking coffee.  I try and make a new batch of handmade ornaments every year. I like to give them out to friends and teachers and put them on special presents.  This years first ornament of the season was a sweet little felt bird ornament.  Just right to match all of my burlap crafts that I have been doing.  You can make these in any color combo and they are great for beginner sewers.  I drew up a pattern and you can get it free here*.  Here's how to put it together.

*We're having technical difficulties and are working on getting the pattern up for printing.  Stay tuned!

Supplies: Bird body pattern piece (2) cut from felt, bird wing piece (1) cut from felt, twine, needle and embroidery floss.

Stitch on the wing, I just used a simple running stitch but you could do something fancier if you like. I used a french knot for the eye, but you could add a small button or bead.

Stitch the two body pieces together all the way around except for a 1 inch opening on the top.  Stuff a small amount of fiberfill into the bird.  Cut a piece of twine long enough to hang your ornament and stick the ends into the opening.  

Finish stitching the opening closed, making sure to catch the ends of the twine.  Now you are all done and you have a sweet, simple ornament that any one would be happy to receive.


  1. You all are so creative! Love this! Another to add to my tree. :)

  2. That is so cute and simple! I want lots of felt red birds on my tree! :)

  3. i always love the contrast of materials like this - the soft felt and the rough twine!

    thanks for your comment on artsy ants blog. sorry it took me a few days to visit yours, shame on me. you've got a lovely blog, isn't it fun blogging as a team?!


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