Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cocoa Mug Cookies

cocoa mug cookies

Cocoa mug cookies?  Marshmallow mug cookies?  I don’t know what these call these, other than cute.  My daughter saw these in her American Girl magazine and has been nagging asking for us to make them for weeks.

cocoa mug cookies

A nice easy kitchen project for both mom and kid.  You can see how they’re made, right?  A cookie on the bottom (packaged, or bake your own like we did), attach a marshmallow with whatever adhesive edible you have on hand (we used melted almond bark), smoosh the broken off rounded tops of small candy canes into your marshmallow, and then sprinkle some chocolate sprinkles on top, using your adhesive edible to keep them sticking.  Voila, cuteness.

cocoa mug cookies cocoa mug cookies

Happy last minute holiday baking!


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