Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Root Cellar

Yesterday Julee and I visited The Root Cellar.  This great addition to Louisville's local food scene is located in a historic gas station in Old Louisville on the corner of 3rd and Hill.  They only carry local goods including, milk, drinkable yogurt, meats, eggs, produce, cheese, honey and sorghum to name a few.  I was most impressed by the selection of local dairy products and purchased skim milk, half and half, drinkable peach yogurt and chocolate milk.  I also got some blackberries, apples and an onion.  Julee picked up some raspberry drinkable yogurt and some bibb lettuce. I know I'll be making this a regular addition to my shopping since I drive through there on a daily basis once school in session and I'm pretty smitten with the milk in a glass bottle, plus the yogurt was AMAZING!


  1. I am so excited to find out about this store, I am going to have to visit!

  2. I go to The Root Cellar all the time. I live in Old Louisville and it's a great addition to the neighborhood! My husband loves the chocolate milk and I enjoy the drinkable yogurt...peach is my fav!
    Try the tomato basil cheese...we LOVED IT!


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