Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tiny Valentine Mailbox

Looking for a fun way to deliver those cute tiny Valentine love notes we made yesterday?  I’ve assembled these tiny mini mailboxes that hold a little note plus some of your favorite chocolates for your sweetie.  If you would like to make your own, I’ll show you how.  These are super easy to assemble in only a few minutes, and I’ve made a little tutorial of sorts.

Mini Mailbox Tutorial
You will need:
Mini Mailbox Template  Download HERE (I’m no artist, so please don’t judge the roughness of my sketch.)
4 x 6 sheet of cardstock (Or scraps big enough to cut the template from.)
Glue Stick (Or adhesive of your choice)
1 Brad (optional)
Small Hole Punch (optional)
 IMG_4442 Step #1, cut the pattern from the template.

IMG_4443Step #2, fold up the ends of the rectangle 3/4-inch.

IMG_4444Step #3, glue the folded end.

IMG_4447Step #4, glue the folded ends down on the bottom piece at the marks from the template.

IMG_4448Step #5, fold up the tabs on the bottom piece.

IMG_4449Step #6, fold both ends inside the dome to get a nice tight fold.

IMG_4451Step #7, pull the folds out, and place glue on the three tabs.

IMG_4453Step #8, push the tabs into the end.  Go in through the other side and push the the tabs against the dome to get a nice adhesion.

IMG_4454Step #9, make a hole to insert your brad.

IMG_4458Step #10, assemble your flag pole.  If you don’t have a brad or a hole puncher, you can glue on your flag pole.  I used a heart punch to make the heart on top, but you can make an arrow or standard flag or come up with something creative.

IMG_4460Step #11, make a pull tab for the door of your mailbox, or, as I did above, make a small hole in the top of your dome and a small hole in your door and thread ribbon through for a closure.

Happy Valentine making, D.I.Y.’ers! 


  1. This is so cute. There are so many scrapbook papers you could use for this. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Es super bello e ingenioso ,me encanta!!! gracias por la idea tan genial =)


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