Friday, January 28, 2011

Tiny Love Notes

Tiny is cute.
I’m a tiny bit in love with these tiny love notes. 
I mean really, I’m kind of dying from the cuteness over here. 

The heart is from a paper punch, but if you’re interested in making your own tiny envelopes, here is a tutorial of sorts.  Actually, this is more of a pictorial of sorts. 

Tiny Envelope Tutorial

You can use any size square to make these envelopes, but for these tiny envelopes I used 2in x 2in.  Hopefully your paper will have a straighter edge than mine did.  You’ll also need a glue stick.  And if precision is your thing, grab your ruler and scissors, too.

*For step # 9, you’re opening that little triangle fold and then smooshing it down onto itself.  This is your closure.

*Step 10-11 isn’t completely necessary, but I’m a fan of the glue stick.  You’re not gluing down the 3/4 strip, you’re only gluing down the flaps.  So, only place a bit of glue on the 3/4 strip, and only glue the flaps down.  Got it?  Don’t glue the little closure, you’re gonna need that to keep the top flap closed.  I forgot to add a picture of this, but after gluing, fold the flaps back in like picture #9.


Tiny envelope closed.
Tiny envelope open.Tiny Valentine.

Who doesn't love tiny?

Happy Valentine making, D.I.Y.’ers!


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