Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yarn Wreath Tutorial, Christmas D.I.Y. Day One

Get ready folks because we have a little Christmas present for you!  All this week and leading up to Christmas I will have great tutorials for making Christmas gifts and decorations along with some great interviews with local Do-it-yourselfer's.

First up is today's Yarn Wreath tutorial , so check out the tutorial below, gather your supplies and get crafting.

Tip- ornaments can be purchased in big quantities at the dollar store.

Yarn Wreath Tutorial

Supplies- Styrofoam wreath, yarn, ornaments, scissors, tape, paper or plastic bags, glue

Ball up your paper or plastic bag and wrap it securely in tape.

Wrap yarn around the ball.

 Keep going until it looks like this.

 Begin wrapping your wreath form with your yarn, making sure to tuck in the end of your yarn.

Keep going until the whole thing is covered, tie off the end of the yarn.

Use hot glue to attach your yarn balls and ornaments, however your like.  Let your dog check it out to make sure it looks okay and you are done!

Yarn Wreath Tutorial

Make a bunch of other fun designs!

A few notes here, you could definitely skip the paper or plastic ball as a base for your yarn and just make a yarn ball. I wanted to be thrifty with this project, so that's why I did mine the way I did.  If you already have yarn you can easily do this project for about six dollars plus tax.  Even less if you use a 40% off coupon at Joanns.  I also think the yarn ball wreath would look extra cute if you stuck a little pair of knitting needles into it.  I hot glued all of my yarn and ornaments onto the wreath base and it worked great.

That's all for now, but check back tomorrow for another great D.I.Y. tutorial!


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