Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We Want You!!

Are you a local artist, shop owner, non-profit group, record label etc?   D.I.Y. Louisville wants to feature you.  Just send us a short message letting us know who you are and what you do and we will set up an interview with you to feature you on our blog.


  1. This is so great! When will you have your next get-together? I'll be there. I have a small local business: the weather up here ( Felt bowls have been my commercial focus (I just wrapped up at Winter Fair and will be at the Downtown Artisans' Market this Friday) - and I feel myself moving towards rugs. . .I knit like my life depends on it. Thanks for starting up this great blog. Best wishes, Adrienne

  2. Hello, my name is Casey and I just opened up Consider Boutique in the Highlands.

    I'd love to talk to you about Consider! My partner, Will Garner, and I are both artists, and this just seemed like the logical step for us. I want to not only support local artists, I think it's really important to raise awareness and love for handmade goods. When I was younger I was drawing on clothes, etc, just to have something different, since it was popular to shop at The Gap and Benniton. Now I think families and kids are realizing the unique and personal qualities that are offered in handmade goods, as well as supporting local shops.

  3. Hi Consider,

    We would love to do a feature on your shop here on the blog. Send us message at and we will give you all the information for doing a feature.

  4. Love the local artist feature... Took me a bit of time to get here to appreciate it... sorry! I think we discussed it at the last meet. I would love to be featured. :)

    See you on March 1



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