Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sunergos Coffee, Christmas D.I.Y. Day Thirteen

Chai Latte
I don't know if you can tell, but here at D.I.Y. Louisville we kind of have a crush.  We really can't get enough of the great coffee and equally great service at Sunergos Coffee. We typically visit their newest location on Woodlawn in Beechmont.  You can find us there usually a few times a week.  It's a great place to meet up with some friends, just have some quiet reading time for yourself or even take the kids.  They have a really nice environment at this shop full of vintage (swoon) tables, chairs and our favorite giant couch.  The menu has something for everyone, my personal favorites being the Cafe Miele, which is coffee with honey and cinnamon and the Chai Latte.  My husband prefers his coffee black and we buy the Sunergos Blend to brew at home.  The kids love their hot chocolate and caramel apple cider which they will make lukewarm for the kiddos.  I also love their selection of teas.  Oh, and who could forget the scones, oh, the scones are amazing.  I like chocolate chip, but Julee prefers the blueberry.  They have been unbelievably nice to us at this shop and are always super helpful if you have any questions about the coffee or tea selections.  So while you are out and about this week finishing up your shopping or visiting friends and family, stop by and treat yourself to one of Sunergos amazing drinks, I promise you will be happy you did.

I'm so jealous of all of these awesome vintage tables and chairs. You can also kind of see some of the artwork on the walls.  Sunergos has a rotating exhibit of local artists works up.

I'll take one of each, please.  Sunergos has lots of different varieties of coffee to choose from and they will grind it for you also.


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