Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pottery Class at Beechmont Community Center

Pottery Class Louisville

Remember Valentine's Day three months ago? Yeah, well, my husband gave me the most perfect gift for the occasion: He signed us up to take pottery classes together. Six whole weeks of a planned out date-day, and I was in love. With my thoughtful husband, of course, but I also found a new love in pottery. But man, is she a tough love. In fact, I'm not even really sure if pottery loves me back, but I'm not ready to quit on her just yet.

Pottery Class Louisville

I'm wrapping up the beginner's course for the 2nd time and feeling amazingly more confident in my skills. For me, the learning curve was a lot greater than I anticipated it being. I'd assumed that because I'm comfortable creating with my hands that I would have taken to the pottery wheel a lot quicker than I have. I'm getting there, and I've turned out a few pieces that I'm really happy with.

If you're in Louisville and are interested in taking a pottery class, Beechmont Community Center will again offer beginner and advance classes in the fall. They also provide an open studio space for a very small, reasonable monthly fee.

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