Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Candy Filled Paper Mache Eggs

Paper Mache Easter Eggs

What’s your favorite Easter treat?  I have a firm belief that all Easter eggs should be filled with chocolate.  These cute paper mache Easter eggs can be filled with small chocolates, jelly beans and fun trinkets.
Due the drying time on these, you’ll need to plan accordingly.  However, they have a good getting-your-hands-gooey vibe that kids love.  Plus, you have to rip them open to get to the goods inside.

Paper Mache Easter Eggs

Supplies Needed:  Water balloons, liquid starch, tissue paper.  Also, candy or trinkets to place inside.
Start by cutting your colored tissue paper into 1 or 2-inch squares.  If you’d like to add polka dots to your eggs, use several sheets of paper at once through a paper punch.

Paper Mache Easter EggsPaper Mache Easter EggsPaper Mache Easter Eggs

Inflate a balloon to your desired size.  Brush on liquid starch.  Leaving the balloon’s tie uncovered, wrap a solid sheet of tissue paper cut to size around the balloon to give it a solid base.  Brush on the liquid starch as needed to keep the paper on the balloon.  Then, add the squares of paper one by one around the balloon, again, brushing on the starch as needed to keep the paper down.  Do not brush hard or the paper will rip.  You’ll only need enough starch to affix the paper.  The more starch you use, the longer it will take to dry.

Paper Mache Easter Eggs

Once the paper is fully dry, use a pin to poke the balloon, holding on to the tie as it deflates.  The balloon should pull out easily.  From the hole in the top, cut a small slit in the balloon just large enough to place your treats.  Cover the slit with a small piece of tissue paper, and affix it with the liquid starch. 

Paper Mache Easter Eggs

To remove the treats inside, the paper on the egg must be torn.  Fun!

Paper Mache Easter Eggs

Happy Easter crafting, DIY’ers!


Watch the video as I demo how to make paper mache eggs on WDRB in the Morning:


  1. You had me at paper mache! I might do this for Easter, I love should paper mache!

    1. It's so fun & easy! Great for kids too, b/c you can finish one egg pretty quick.

  2. That's what Easter meant to me, a nice surprise, lovely springlike colors, lots of tun.
    A wonderfulnidea, Jules.
    Sabine xxx

  3. what a great idea.. looks super fun


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