Saturday, February 8, 2014

Washi Tape Tealight Candles

DIY Washi Tape Tealight Candles

Here’s a cute little thing to do with those zillion rolls of washi tape you have lying around: use it to decorate inexpensive tealight candles.  Most washi tape is the perfect size to wrap about the tealight (although some rolls are too wide, just so you know).  Wouldn’t the heart candles be perfect for a Valentine’s Day dinner?

DIY Washi Tape Tealight CandlesDIY Washi Tape Tealight CandlesDIY Washi Tape Tealight Candles

Happy washi crafting, DIY’ers!


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  1. awe so totally cute! what a simple thing to make the tea lights pop!


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