Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DIY Matchbox Valentine

DIY Matchbox Valentine Craft

I am so very in love with these little matchbox Valentine boxes.  With so many ways to embellish them, I think I could sit and make them all day.  Addicting little guys, and so easy to put together.  Perfect for a sweet treat or tiny love note to your sweetheart. 

DIY Matchbox Valentine Craft

To make your own, you’ll need a box of strike anywhere matches, and paper to cover the top of the box.  Then, gather some lovely embellishments.  For these, I used Valentine ribbon and heart decals. 

DIY Matchbox Valentine Craft

Cut a strip of decorative paper the same size as the top of your box.  Mine was 2x4.  You don’t have to take the top of the box apart to adhere your decorative paper, but I found that doing so gave a tighter and cleaner fit.  Use a glue stick to adhere your paper to the box top and use the folds in the original box to refold and reglue the box together.  If kids are making these, you can definitely let them make these the easy way and just wrap the paper around the box and glue.  Once that’s done, go crazy with the embellishments.

DIY Matchbox Valentine Craft

And I prefer my Valentine’s to come with chocolate.  Who’s with me?

DIY Matchbox Valentine CraftDIY Matchbox Valentine Craft

So this is my version of matchbox Valentine’s.  How would you decorate your matchboxes?  If you’re in the Louisville area, you can join the D.I.Y. Louisville group on Sunday, February 2nd where we’ll be decorating these little cuties.  See our Facebook event for more details, pricing, and to RSVP.

Happy Valentine making, DIY’ers!