Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DIY Snow Globe Ornament

DIY Snow Globe Ornament with Bottle Brush Tree - Christmas Craft

We had our first snow of the season and that inspired me to  hunker down in the cozy warmth of my home, sip hot cocoa, and create some new handmade ornaments for our tree.  First up, I made these adorable DIY snow globe ornaments.  (Although, to be honest, they should be called a faux-globe.)  They are easy to put together with just a few items that can be purchased at any craft store this time of year.  The result is a pretty, glistening, festive decoration for your tree.

Here’s how you can make your own DIY snow globe ornament:

DIY Snow Globe Ornament with Bottle Brush Tree - Christmas Craft

You’ll need clear glass ornaments, small bottle brush trees, and snow flakes.  You’ll also need hot glue, wire cutters, tweezers, a funnel and ribbon.

Remove the top hanger off of the glass ornament.  If your bottle brush tree has a base that’s too large for the opening of the ornament, clip it off with wire cutters.  Place the nose of your hot glue gun into the opening of the ornament and squirt a decent amount of glue so that it falls to the bottom, as close to the center as you can get it.  Before the glue has time to dry, use tweezers to push your tree into the opening and place it into the dollop of hot glue.  Next, add your snow flakes.  I created a funnel out of paper to make this easier.  My flakes are iridescent flakes, but you can also use white flakes, glitter, or even white seed beads.  Finally, add the hanger back onto the ornament and tie a pretty ribbon to the top. 

DIY Snow Globe Ornament with Bottle Brush Tree - Christmas Craft

Shake up the flakes a bit, hang it on your tree and enjoy the merriment of the season!

Happy holiday crafting, DIY’ers!



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