Friday, November 15, 2013

Belle of Beechmont


Photo used c/o Benjamin Marcum Photography

No, I’m not the Belle of Beechmont, but the very awesome (and crazy adorable) Amy – who blogs all the happenings in our neighborhood – certainly is. 

So let me back up…The Louisville Bloggers group held a workshop a few months ago, and I was excited to meet a blogger who not only lives in my neighborhood, but a few houses down right on my street.  I’m telling you, bloggers are everywhere.  We’re multiplying

Amy asked to interview me for a new blogger series she’s starting on her blog, Meet Your Neighbor, and I thought, Do people really want to know more about me? Weird.   But I thought it would be fun to talk a little bit about not only why I craft, but also why I love the neighborhood we reside in.  Because it’s a pretty great place to live, although sometimes underappreciated in our city full of bigger, more affluent neighborhoods.

And then Amy brought along Benjamin Marcum, a professional photographer who also lives in our neighborhood, and he snapped some awkward photos of me in crafty action.  I don’t take serious photos well, but Ben rocked it and told me to be as goofy as I wanted to be.  And then I loved him for that, because goofy is what I’m all about, really.

You can read the interview on Belle of Beechmont HERE if you’re interested.  (And by IF, I mean, you totally ARE, right? So click to it…).  You can also find more information about Benjamin Marcum Photography on his Facebook page.

So, anything weird happen to you this week?



  1. woot woot! Congrats on the interview!!

    Evon Von

  2. Great feature! I love the photos. :)

    I met a blogger who happens to live around the corner from me. So funny when that happens.


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