Friday, November 15, 2013

Belle of Beechmont


Photo used c/o Benjamin Marcum Photography

No, I’m not the Belle of Beechmont, but the very awesome (and crazy adorable) Amy – who blogs all the happenings in our neighborhood – certainly is. 

So let me back up…The Louisville Bloggers group held a workshop a few months ago, and I was excited to meet a blogger who not only lives in my neighborhood, but a few houses down right on my street.  I’m telling you, bloggers are everywhere.  We’re multiplying

Amy asked to interview me for a new blogger series she’s starting on her blog, Meet Your Neighbor, and I thought, Do people really want to know more about me? Weird.   But I thought it would be fun to talk a little bit about not only why I craft, but also why I love the neighborhood we reside in.  Because it’s a pretty great place to live, although sometimes underappreciated in our city full of bigger, more affluent neighborhoods.

And then Amy brought along Benjamin Marcum, a professional photographer who also lives in our neighborhood, and he snapped some awkward photos of me in crafty action.  I don’t take serious photos well, but Ben rocked it and told me to be as goofy as I wanted to be.  And then I loved him for that, because goofy is what I’m all about, really.

You can read the interview on Belle of Beechmont HERE if you’re interested.  (And by IF, I mean, you totally ARE, right? So click to it…).  You can also find more information about Benjamin Marcum Photography on his Facebook page.

So, anything weird happen to you this week?