Friday, September 6, 2013

Hello, Friday

Fall Leaves Kentucky State Fair  Pup Blueberry Oatmal Breakfast Muffins

Hello, Friday.  Hello seeing more and more signs that fall is on its way and internally screaming, “Nooooo!” because I’m not ready to let summer go.  Hello spending an entire day at the Kentucky State Fair just me and my girl looking at animals, eating crappy food, and riding rides until we were dizzy and exhausted.  Hello cutest pup in the world.  (Hello bias.)  Hello delicious breakfast muffins that make school mornings a little more bearable.

Hello weekend.

Hello you.



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  1. I'm with you on being between two seasons. I shared about that yesterday. I love fall but am loving the last few weeks of summer!!!

  2. Checking in from LR...

    The KY fair sounds fun! Can't believe you are getting fall colors/leaves already... everything is still green here in MN!

  3. I can't let summer go either! And I agree muffins make the morning more bearable! I wish I could get myself to make some right not! ;)

  4. awe the fair sounds amazing! hope all is well :) xoxo


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