Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DIY Kids: Bubble Snake Maker

DIY Bubble Snake Maker Tutorial

We officially have three weeks of summer until it’s back to school, and the words I’m bored have been heard quite frequently the past few days.  Looks like it’s time to pull out some summer boredom smashers.

My friend Lynn from Good Garbage has been making these recycled DIY Bubble Snake Makers with kids at her summer education events, and she swears they’re a kid and parent crowd pleaser every time.  I must say that I agree – these bubble makers were easy to make and a lot of fun to play with.  Unlike standard bubble blowers, when you blow into the end of these bubble makers, you get a long stream of connected bubbles that resemble a snake.  So cool! 

DIY Bubble Snake Maker Tutorial

DIY Bubble Snake Maker

1) To make these DIY bubble blowers, you’ll need: recycled plastic bottle, scissors or exacto knife, terrycloth towel, rubber band, a shallow bowl, and a solution of dish soap and water.  2)  Use your exacto knife or scissors to remove the bottom portion of the bottle.  3)  Cut a square of terrycloth to fit around the bottom opening of the bottle.  Wrap the terrycloth around the bottom of the bottle and secure it with a rubber band.  4)  Using a shallow bowl that you can dip the bottle into, mix together a small amount of water and dish soap.  Dip the end of your bottle into the bubble solution.  5)  Blow into the end of the bottle to create your bubble snake.  Have a contest to see who can create the longest bubble snake!

DIY Bubble Snake Maker Tutorial

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Happy summer crafting, DIY’ers!