Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Photo-A-Day May Challenge

My sweet blogging friend Colleen from Freaked Out ‘N Small has talked me into doing something that has always looked fun but I’ve been far too non-committal to ever join before.  She has started a May Photo-A-Day challenge, and I’m finally setting aside my commitment issues to play along.  Well, I’m going to try my best to play along, that is.

Photo a Day Challenge - May 2013

It goes like this:  You take the theme for the day and snap a picture as you interpret that theme.  And then, if you feel so inclined, you share and tag your pictures with #freakedoutnsmall on your favorite social media.  Colleen explains it in more detail on her blog and she would love to have you participate as well.

So that’s what I’ll be attempting to do every day this month on Instagram.  Follow along with me there.

Have you ever done one of these photo-a-day challenges?  Were you able to make it through the entire month without skipping a day or quitting?   If you join us, let me know!



  1. Fun! I did those a few times and really enjoyed them and now I feel a bit too overwhelmed to do it. I'll definitely be following along with yours though!

  2. I'm thrilled that you'll be joining along, Julee!
    I too have issues with commitment and I'm hoping this challenge will kick start something in me! lol!
    Looking forward to your photos!

  3. I really enjoy this photo meme's but the problem is I just can't keep up and sometimes I tend to forget. :(


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