Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Make It: Derby Fascinator

Making a stunning hair piece or fascinator isn’t as complicated as you might think.  With the Kentucky Derby right around the corner (also known around here as our favorite day to wear crazy stuff on our heads), I’ve put together these very basic steps to help you create a simple and gorgeous hair accessory. 

Kentucky Derby Fascinator Tutorial

Fascinator Tutorial

Kentucky Derby Fascinator Tutorial

1) Gather your supplies.  I’ve used tulle netting, a variety of feathers, silk flower, small piece of felt, and a hair clip.  You will also need hot glue.  You can purchase all of these items at a craft store.  2)  If you’re making a larger hair piece, you will use the felt as your base.  Glue it on to your preferred type of hair clip.  This makes it easier to get all of your pieces glued to the clip.  3) Before gluing anything, lay down your pieces to try out a look that you like.  Build your fascinator in this order:  netting, feathers, flower.  4) Use hot glue to secure everything in its place.  5)  Trim any pieces as necessary.  Here, I’ve trimmed my netting into a point.   You may need to trim your felt base or feathers.  6)  Clip into your hair, beautiful lady!

Kentucky Derby Fascinator TutorialKentucky Derby Fascinator Tutorial

Here is a smaller fascinator.  I’ve used a silk flower, rhinestone, and feather.  I then used hot glue to secure the pieces to my hair clip. 

These are just the basics to get you started.  If you would like a more bold hair piece, consider using a larger flower, additional netting,  more and bigger feathers, sprigs of rhinestones…whatever you love.  Play around with different options until you get a look that you love.

Happy fascinator making, DIY’ers!