Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Handmade Boutique Block Party

New Handmade Boutique Block Party Opens in Downtown Louisville

Mary Levinsky, Louisville artist and designer, is opening a new handmade boutique in downtown Louisville. Block Party will be located on South Fourth Street and is part of the city’s initiative to bring local businesses downtown.

Handmade Boutique Block Party

Block Party Handmade Boutique is an innovative new retail and community space for local artists and entrepreneurs. Block Party is a collaborative handmade boutique that operates on a micro rental space agreement. All items are handmade from local artists, and each artist will have a boutique space to merchandise and sell their work. The store will consist of around 70 artists including many well-known Louisvillians such as Black Dog Candles, Dawn Middleton, Clair Raabe, Stellar Sweets, Sue Schofield, J.H. Rider Walthen, and Mickie Winters.

Handmade Boutique Block Party

Levinsky got her business start with the Female Art Collective in 2007. Her business consisted of selling artwork by local and regional female artists online and at art fairs. The business has been hugely successful causing Levinsky to realize the need for a physical retail space and expansion. The store is inspired from Levinsky’s experience selling at markets and fairs and will feature artist booths, shared studio space and a workshop area for classes. As a cooperative business model, Block Party members will work together at the store, providing an intimate and innovative experience for shoppers. Block Party Handmade Boutique is scheduled to open April 5, 2013.

Handmade Boutique Block Party{Image Credit: Gritty Pearl}

The official grand opening of South Fourth Street will be on April 15, with a ribbon cutting by the mayor. From 11-2 there will be an actual block party, complete with live music, involving all of the new retailers on South Fourth Street.

Store Hours: 10am-6pm





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