Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Make It: Jute Wrapped Flower Vase

jute yarn wrapped bottle tutorial #diy #recycled #crafts

Repurposing glass bottles into pretty flower vases is easy with only a few materials.  Simply wrap yarn or jute around the bottle and it’s ready for display.  I love the natural look of jute elements in my décor, but you can also use any color yarn to create a look similar to the ones I made.

jute yarn wrapped bottle tutorial #diy #recycled #crafts

You’ll need:  A clean glass bottle with labels removed (if you don’t want to risk the label peeking out), glue of your choice, and jute or yarn.  Apply a section of glue to the bottom of your bottle and glue down a small portion of your jute/yarn to create a tail.  Hold it for a few seconds to dry and then begin wrapping the jute/yarn around the bottle and over the tail.  Work up the bottle in small batches applying glue then wrapping until you reach the top.  That’s it!

Happy repurposing, DIY’ers!