Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Make It: Last Minute Valentine’s Card

Paper Roll Heart Valentine's

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  Do your kids have their class cards all ready to go?  Just in case you’re scrambling today to make a batch of last minute cards, I’ve come to your rescue.

Lynn of Good Garbage showed us how to easily turn paper rolls into a heart-shaped stamper at our meet up last week.  This works well with a stamp pad, but I found it worked even better with craft paint.  Besides, paint is always more fun to play with.  Use washable paints and this is a perfect kids craft.

You’ll need:  One paper roll (of the toilet paper sort or paper towel sort), craft paint, cardstock or paper.  Crease the bottom of the paper roll, and then fold in the top to get a heart shape.  Dip in paint and stamp on your paper.  That’s all you need for a cute and simple card in an instant.  Here’s a picture tutorial:

Paper Roll Heart Valentine's

I finished my hearts by adding some sweet nothings with my letter stamps.

Paper Roll Heart Valentine's

Happy last minute Valentine making, DIY’ers!